How to Care for Decks on Different Seasons

A deck is an elevated flat area on your property, mostly constructed outdoors or connected to the house. This type of architecture was inspired by the deck of ships. Having this at home does wonders since now you can relax and enjoy the outdoors comfortably, have a party with your friends without feeling cramped up or enjoy a relaxing evening moonlight together with your partner. To maximize these experiences on your deck you will need to know how to properly care for it.

Deck Maintenance

Deck maintenance is often neglected but is very crucial because neglect may lead to permanent damage on your deck. Regularly maintaining your deck will keep it nice and as good as new. And also, the good thing about decks is that even if you don’t maintain it regularly, there are a couple of tips you can do to get it back in good shape. The best thing to opt for though, is a routine where you can set a specific date where you’ll do the maintenance fit for each season.

Here’s a seasonal guide when maintaining your Deck:

End of Spring – Pressure washing and Sealing

At the end of this season, there are a lot of mildewed areas in the deck and it needs to be pressure or power washed. A lot of debris and leaves also probably have fallen in between crevasses and you’ll need to sweep them out. You will need to dry the deck for two days before resealing it with sealer. Check on the deck for loose nails, rotting wood, splintered wood and other possibilities of Deck Damage. It’s ideal to call a professional deck builder to check on it and if it requires replacement, you can also ask these professionals some tips on Deck Maintenace. If everything is good, reseal and let dry.

Start of the fall – Winter is coming

Maintenance during the spring was for recovering from the winter and preparation for the deck to be used in summer but now we have to prepare for it the other way around, that’s right! Winter is coming. Sealing them now as early as the start of fall where the temperature is still at a tolerable stage. It’s also best to hide the outside furniture, to avoid them getting damaged or discolored in the cold.

These are some of the most basic deck maintenance ideas you can do at a minimal to continue using your deck all year long. If you want to be surer with that, you can hire a deck builder or deck contractor and ask them to inspect your deck for you if you don’t have the time for it. Have them see if it needed repairs or replacement parts. If you’re looking into adding a deck to your home then you can also contact the Deck Builders of Birmingham and have them estimate your home to build a deck in.

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